TVBET FruitRace Overview:

The main purpose of the game is to place the bet and wait till the end of the game predicting the number of matches that will be made. Players that get 4 or more matches would be the winners. Maximum 10 matches are taken and only the ball with the number 7 aligns.

Players can even place bets for up to 100 draws in advance in the game. A round of bets in every game lasts about 30 seconds, and the draw also lasts about 30 seconds. Online gamblers should join this beautifully designed mixed lottery and race game at least once. Every minute new games are held and the process is repeated daily.


How to Play TVBET FruitRace?

A simplified betting experience and simple gaming rules make this game a unique and interesting casino game among its other counterparts. It strategically uses ten lottery balls with images. Three of which are blue balls with plums, three red balls with cherries, and three yellow balls with lemons.

The last one is orange in color with the number 7. Each round starts with the numbered balls launched into the lottery drum followed by several rotations occurring in the lottery machine. As we mentioned earlier, the lottery is shaped into a track that gives the game a racing touch.

After the launch and rotations, the lucky numbered balls are selected randomly into the resulting tube. During the result, the lottery balls are vertically lined up against the image comparison panel to determine and display the outcome.


Game Type: Lottery Games


Game Developer: TVBET


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