TVBET Mega6 Overview:

This is the latest game developed by the provider TVBET. The game merely depends on the available betting options that offer each player a variety to choose from the color of the balls and the drawn numbers.

As we mentioned, the rules for playing this game are very simple. The rounds are quite fast and have no delays. Players of Mega6 can experience a three-level jackpot in addition to winning. And, the most important thing is players may get jackpots not just one, there can be several in the game.


How to Play TVBET Mega6?

As we have mentioned earlier, this is a new live lottery game by TVBET. In this game, 6 out of 49 numbered balls are selected randomly by the lottery machine. It has very easy-to-understand rules and a variety of betting options available for online gamblers out there.

Each game starts with a greeting note to the participants. After that, 49 numbered balls are dropped into the lottery drum and then the mixing begins. In this mixing process, 6 lucky numbered balls are randomly selected that are announced as the winners during the result. The presenter of the game announces the numbers and colors.

The balls available in this game are painted in two colors white and pink. This gives an extensive opportunity to the players for placing their bets. Betting options in this game include the numbers and colors of the balls.


Game Type: Live Casino


Game Developer: TVBET

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