TVBET JokerBet Overview:

JokerBet uses simple game mechanics and very simple gaming rules. Every round of the game is fast and has no delays. There are lots of unique game features and the game is very addicting that has no analogs.

It has a three-level jackpot in addition to the winnings. So, the players might get the chance to hit the jackpots. And, the good thing is there can be several jackpots in the game. Hence, DPLAY Casino wishes you luck and a very happy gambling experience here.


How to Play TVBET JokerBet?

JokerBet is a very easy to play card game that is now also available at your favorite DPlay casino. The dealer draws the cards at regular intervals. However, each of the times the dealer reveals a single card. In this card game, a deck of 54 red or blue-backed cards is used. Once the dealer uses a certain color of a deck, that specific deck gets replaced by a deck of the other color. The game goes on continuously just like this.

Hence, as cards are revealed from the real deck, the number of unrevealed cards in the deck decreases during the draw. Every player of this game can likewise see which cards have not been revealed yet while deciding on their bet. The game performs all deck substitutions and shuffling live in front of the players.

Players have just a simple set of betting options that include:

  • The exact value of the next card

  • Suit

  • Card color

  • Face card

  • Non-face card


Game Type: Card Games

Game Developer: TVBET

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