TVBET 7Bet Overview:

7Bet is a new lottery game by the live game provider TVBET. Here, a round of bets on current and upcoming games happens where every player can wager their desired amount. Each bet is placed between the first game and the upcoming game. These bets last for about two minutes. The dealer of this game runs it after every 3 minutes daily.


How to Play TVBET 7Bet?

It is one of the most popular and fast live games in the world. In this game, 7 out of 42 numbered balls are selected randomly by the lottery machine. However, for each new game, the dealer drops 42 lottery balls into the lottery machine’s mixing chamber. After that, the mixing process starts.

The balls are made in two different colors blue and black by the game developers. They are numbered from 1 to 42. With these numbers, players can create various combinations. They can also choose to create combinations with different colored balls as well.

7Bet provides several betting options to the players that include

  • The exact dropout selection

  • Non-dropout selection

  • Guessing the exact number

  • The total sum for all lottery balls or color

  • Odd/even for all numbered balls or color

  • The order of color of selected lottery balls

  • Condition of the first or last numbered ball and many others.


Game Type: Live Casino Games

Game Developer: TVBET

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