Andar Bahar TVBET

TVBET Andar Bahar Overview:

As mentioned earlier, it is a new live game from the casino game provider TVBET and it originates from South India. The game is extremely simple yet incredibly interesting and unique. Today, the game has attracted the attention of online gamblers across the world.

Players would get various betting options while playing this game. They can also bet on the color of the joker and the color of the winning card. It uses an original gaming interface and is designed in oriental motives but with the modern cyberpunk touch.

The simple game mechanics make the game very interesting and unique for the players and the rounds are fast and have no delays.


How to Play TVBET Andar Bahar?

This live casino game from TVBET uses a standard 52-card deck. The players start the game by shuffling the cards. After that, the TV presenter takes out one specific card, the so-called joker, from the middle of the deck and places it in its specially designated place.

Once done with this, the presenter puts the deck back into the shuffler and then takes out cards one by one. The presenter places every card taken from the shuffler alternately on the ANDAR and BAHAR positions.

The goal of this game is to find a card with the same value as the joker. Whoever gets the side with the first card wins the round.


Game Type: Lottery Games


Game Developer: TVBET


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