TVBET Keno Overview:

The live casino game Keno by the provider TVBET is a simple yet interesting game and it allows various options for every player to bet on. These options include:

  • Guessing a certain quantity of numbers

  • The exact list of numbers

  • Certain numbers that do not need to be drawn

  • Whether the total will be over/under a certain amount

  • Whether the numbers will be even or odd.

The rounds for accepting bets from the players on current and future games happen in the middle of the live broadcasts of ongoing games. These rounds last about 3 minutes. Each Keno game is held every 6 minutes daily. 


How to Play TVBET Keno?

In this Keno live game variant, 20 out of 80 lottery balls are chosen randomly. After greeting all the participants, the dealer drops 80 numbered balls into the lottery drum and mixes them. Then, from those mixed lottery balls, twenty numbers are randomly selected one by one and later placed in the tubes of the game result.

If the dealer draws more than twenty lottery balls mistakenly, the first 20 dropped out balls are taken only into account, and the rest gets ignored. But, if the dealer draws fewer numbered balls, then the game gets canceled. However, all the bets placed by the players are returned to them safely.


Game Type: Live Casino Games


Game Developer: TVBET

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