Blackjack Supreme

Blackjack Supreme Overview: 

The all-new Blackjack Supreme gets each player the feeling of their favorite casino. The game developers gave full attention while putting into every detail of the game. This, in turn, reproduces the experience of the players as if they are present at a live casino table. 

Although the game is designed to cater to VIPs, the new update of the game allows the classic Blackjack players to participate in the game, and that too with fast action on both mobile and desktop versions. Blackjack Supreme also offers the Perfect Pair side bet.


How to Play Blackjack Supreme?

Playing Blackjack Supreme is simple just like the other Blackjack variants. The objective as always is to beat the dealer by getting a total point score of 21. If a player’s cards total is higher than the dealer's cards total and the number does not exceed 21, that particular player wins. But once the number goes over 21, the player loses the betting amount.


Game Type: Table Games

Software Provider: OneTouch Games

RTP: 99.13%

Compatible With: Android, HTML5, iOS, Mac, Windows

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