Russian Poker

Game Overview:

It is an interesting card game where each hand is packed with potential actions. Players of this game can make up to two hand combinations from 6 cards and maximise their winning chances against the dealer. The layout of the game is so user friendly that players can play it with just one hand.


How to Play Russian Poker?

If a player wishes to play Russian Poker, it will add a unique twist to his or her regular poker game. Players of this table game play for three different hands. There are three pots available for each player.

No wild cards are used in Russian Poker game. However, this option is based on the dealer and he or she can change it during the game. The only disadvantage of this game is that only 4 maximum players can play this game.


Game Type: Table Game

RTP: 99.54% (Optimal Strategy)

Compatibility: Android, HTML5, iOS, Mac, Windows.

Provably Fair: Yes


Rules for Playing the Game: 

Each Russian Poker player hereby needs to wager into the pot. Once the players are done with the wager, the dealer of the game will give them each 13 cards face down. Using these cards players need to make three separate hands – top, middle and bottom.

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