Loot or Boot

Loot or Boot Overview:

Online gamblers who enjoy piratic themes will definitely enjoy this Loot or Boot game. It has theme related symbols and the game comes with a number of unique features. The estimated RTP rate for this game is 95%.


How to Play Loot or Boot?

Players of this game need to choose their stake and then select one of the mystery squares to continue the game. If the selected square by the player reveals a prize then he or she will be advanced to the next level.

Players can take some winnings from the previous level where they can either repeat the process or walk away with the collected winnings. There are 9 levels in this game and the grid is technically 4 x 9.


Game Type: Instant Games

Game Provider: OneTouch

RTP: 95%

Minimum Bet: 0.05

Maximum Bet: 10


Special Features of the Game:


This game has a Multipliers feature that can appear randomly at any point and on any level. The size of the multipliers increases when a player climb higher, culminating in x10 on level 9. Level 6 can award x5 and there’s potential for a x2 multiplier on level 3.


Adjustable difficulty

This game has another special feature for adjusting the game's volatility. The lowest difficulty setting has 9 levels with 4 cells each. These 4 cells contain 3 winning and 1 losing. The highest difficulty setting has 6 levels with 4 cells but only 1 winning symbol per row.


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