AstroBoomers Turbo

AstroBoomers Turbo Overview:

It is an online crash game with Bustabit like mechanics and it uses a space theme within the interface. The slot is packed with action mostly in outer space. There is also a host of other details to keep the player from getting bored.

Players’ goal here is to fly a rocket and collect multipliers throughout the journey. But, they also need to hurry up to pick up the money before the rocket hits the meteorite and explodes along with the staked amount.

However, only one bet is allowed to be set during the game round. Players can also use the multiply option to set a multiplier at which the winnings will be automatically fixed. This slot has a special feature that allows all the players to have maximum freedom to control their potential winnings.


How to Play AstroBoomers Turbo?

This online slot is loaded with sharp visuals and tension-building audio. It only welcomes the bravest players to embark on an adrenaline-filled expedition. Players who seek to leave earth for safety should try this for once.

Players of this online slot should place their bet before the rocket lifts off.  The rocket then takes all the players and climbs on its quest to the moon through a sea of incoming meteors. If a player wishes to eject the ship, he or she can do that at any given time. However, if a player stays on board for as long as possible before the rocket explodes, that particular player will reach the max win potential.


Game TypeCrash Games

Software Provider: FunFair

RTP: 97%

Maximum win: x10000.00

Slot Rank: 11049

Themes: Spaces


Pros and Cons of AstroBoomers Turbo:

There are a few pros and cons of this game that are listed below.



 - An excellent RTP rate

 - A creative and quirky approach to gameplay

 - Engaging and unique visuals



 - Not meant for the traditionalists

 - Time pressures


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